Philip Morris’ iQOS heated tobacco device has gotten a lot of attention lately. We evaluated it on our website and found it to be unique. Despite the fact that iQOS has garnered more media attention than any added Heat not Burn product and is also the most widely disseminated, this is still notable.ILUMA IQOS Unboxing Vs IQOS DUO - YouTube

Things That Become Adhesive

You can see right away how much better the second iQOS test was compared to the first iQOS test because of the sticks being fed into the machine. That means it’s time to take a deeper look at the sticks themselves.

After a brief period of time under the name “Marlboro HeatSticks,” the iQOS heated tobacco device’s baby cigarettes are now known simply as “HEETS.” They now come in three flavours ranging from full-strength Amber to a lighter Marlboro Gold to Turquoise, all of which are milder than the original Marlboro Red.

Despite the fact that they look like little cigarettes and come in a pack of twenty, they are not meant to be popped into your mouth and lit with your favourite Zippo lighter. That’s simply not going to work at all. Because the purpose is to prevent combusting the tobacco, even if it succeeded, it would be mostly useless.

Tobacco Isn’t the Only Danger.

It’s not as simple as that, but we’ll get to that in a moment. This is the stuff that gets heated, and I’ve had the chance to watch it in action at the Neuchatel plant. However, I can tell you the basics about what PMI does since they made me promise not to reveal all of their trade secrets online. To acquire the flavour they want, they blend together several types of tobacco and then ground it into a fine powder. Next, water and a few other ingredients are added to the concoction, including plant-based glycerine for keeping it moist and to create the vapour, as well as naturally occurring cellulose fibres to hold it all together.


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