In the digital world social media has emerged as an integral part of a profitable marketing strategy. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. provide a variety of opportunities for companies to show off their offerings. They are totally free to use, and let you directly connect with a larger audience in one go. You don’t need to invest an enormous amount of money creating a strategy for marketing that includes social media content buy instagram followers cheap. No matter whether you have either a small or large enterprise, it’s about time you consider serious the idea of social media marketing.

Based on information provided by Lyfe marketing according to statistics shared by Lyfe marketing, 93 percent videos on Twitter are accessible via smartphones. The amount of views of branded content on YouTube have doubled in the past three years. Moreover, Facebook live videos receive 10-fold more comments than regular videos. All these statistics show that video content is highly sought-after on social media networks. This is because millennials tend to connect more often to videos via social media. Web Marketing Video Council has found that more than 60 percent of businesses are using social media video frequently for promotions. Thus, it is highly likely that your competition is making use of the power of social media video to expand their customer base.

Instagram is a powerful digital platform for social networks that allows users to upload images and videos online. Techcrunch has been looking into Instagram trends since it was launched. According to their research, Instagram crossed the threshold of one billion monthly active users in the year 2018. In addition, Instagram is currently growing at a rate of 5 percent per quarter. This is the highest among all social media platforms. So, Instagram should be your first choice for showcasing your business’s products and services. In this article we’ll take you through ways to make Instagram videos more effective in increasing the number of people who follow your posts.

Short Commercials

Create valuable, short videos which represent your company’s image. You can present your products with a creative approach by using these videos. Commercials can be inspirational or funny, or even emotional. Instagram is currently allowing you to share a 60 second clip on the timeline. With these short videos, it’s easy to capture the attention of the target public. Additionally shorter videos are the best to share crisp information about your services. It is possible to share the commercial in Instagram videos, IGTV or in the Instagram timeline.

Product details

Present your product’s specifications in show a “product in action” video to show its capabilities. Concentrate on the most important aspects to keep the audience engaged. Make the video more informative and less overly descriptive. Attention to the smallest details is crucial in creating a stunning and attractive video. You can post the video in your brand’s Instagram timeline to allow the viewers to view at any time. Creating such spontaneous videos attracts lots of attention.

Do it yourself videos

A great way to make use of Instagram videos is to create educational content. “Do it yourself” or ‘how to’ video tutorials share your products working. This will help users comprehend the product’s use. It is also possible to create troubleshooting videos for the issues your customers might face. The videos are liked by the target people since they can get pertinent information in a brief amount of time. By sharing such videos from time to time you can develop a relationship with your existing customers.

Video behind the scene

The customers are more selective in purchasing a product. Therefore, it is crucial to create an association with them. It is possible to create behind the scenes videos that guide them through the trivia that relate to your product. It is also possible to conduct short tutorials on the best practices and tricks for the usage of your product. The speed-forward video Sheryl Cole has shared about her work can give you an idea. You need to be creative and smart in capturing the right moment for your Instagram post.

Instagram Stories Video

Instagram launched Insta stories back in August of 2016. Through stories, you’ll be able to share images or videos with your followers over a 24-hour duration. This short span provides a sense that there is a need for urgency and makes people more likely to follow these stories as if they are one active. The use of stories can increase awareness of your company in the following ways:

  1. The sharing of short-term deals is an effective way to draw customers to your product or services. You can design the offer in a way that it is only redeemable during the time period of the story. When people are aware about these offers and are interested, they’ll come back for more.
  2. Make an influencer the main person on your Instagram account and share an exclusive glimpse of discounts and products. A familiar face is sure to get more followers.

Live on Instagram


The greatest feature of Instagram is the ability to stream live video. When you go live on Instagram you will be on top of your follower’s feed. Hence, there are high likelihood that your followers will interact with your live stream. They get to see your stream even though they aren’t present at the event. Product previews, product launches, Q&A sessions, educational streams, etc. are some ways in which you can connect with your online community. If your event has been planned and you want to promote it, you can do it via email or different social networks.

Bring in the makers

Personalize your tales by sharing the stories of the employees that have developed those products as well as services. You can ask your team members to write about their experience in product development. Additionally, you can let employees run your company’s Instagram account for a few days. They could then post details regarding their professional lives as well as the hard work to create the product. The employees can even conduct a Q&A session for the public to inform them concerning the merchandise. The videos can help bring a sense of connection to the target audience and more views to the Instagram account.


If you’re not taking advantage of the potential of Instagram into your marketing plan, you are missing out on something huge. If you use Instagram properly will take your product to new heights. There’s no one perfect method to make use of Instagram video. The strategies that are discussed above will aid you in getting started in using it. You could even engage social media management companies to help you market your product by creating stunning video content.

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