Buying Christmas gifts for a loved one with memory disease can be hard, especially if your loved one has other health problems. You may have already wandered from store to store and come home with nothing. Wander no more, because here are some gift ideas.A TINY TREE. An artificial table tree with miniature lights brings the spirit of Christmas to your loved one. Lighted trees are available at discount stores, craft stores, and flower shops Smithers of Stamford. These stores also carry miniature ornaments for the trees. If possible, plug the tree lights into a switched socket.Boss of quirky furniture company set for appearances on BBC show

FRESH FRUIT. People with memory disease, especially those still living on their own, may not eat a balanced diet. A small bowl of fruit — fresh pears, grapes, apples — will encourage your loved one to eat properly. Do not give your loved one a huge bowl or bag of fruit because it could be overwhelming.

SLEEP WEAR. Your loved one will appreciate a cozy pair of pajamas or a robe. Choose sleep wear that is easy to put on and take off. If your loved one is in Assisted Living or a nursing home print his or her name on the garment with permanent marker so it does not get lost in the laundry.

SLIPPER SOCKS. Warm socks will keep your loved one’s feet warm when he or she is in bed or walking about. Choose socks with a tread on the bottom to keep your loved one from falling. Print your loved one’s name on the socks with permanent marker.

A COZY THROW. Elderly loved ones get cold easily, especially when they sit for a long time. A cozy throw will keep your loved one’s legs and feet warm. You will find an array of throws at department and discount stores. Make sure the throw is washable. Stitch a symbol, such as a heart or star, on the throw to help your loved one differentiate it from others. FAMILY PHOTO. A group photo of family members will help your loved one feel connected to them. Ask someone to take a family photo and frame it for your loved one. Hang the photo where your loved one can see it easily or put it on a bedside table.

PET MEMORY BOOK. Find some pet photos and glue them (one per page) on paper. Print a few sentences about the pet by each photo. For example: “Max was a wonderful dog and we all loved him. But we were sure mad at him when he ate the chocolate cake Mom made for the church bake sale. ” Insert the pages into plastic protectors and put them in a three-ring binder.

BULB GARDEN. Discount stores and grocery stores carry a variety of narcissus, amaryllis, and tulip bulbs for planting. Plant the bulb or bulbs ahead of time and give them to your loved one when they have just started to sprout. Watching the bulb grow and bloom will connect your loved one with nature.

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