Sometimes, as a writer, I’m faced with questions that expose a huge misperception or misunderstanding. These are the kinds of questions I love as they offer quick opportunities to educate.How is Technology Changing the Casino Experience? - littlelioness

For instance when someone wants to know “Should I play the Martingale method to play blackjack or craps?” I take that as an opportunity to dissect off this Martingale method.

I was asked the same question this past week. One of my friends friend contacted my on Facebook asking me “Can you actually beat an online slots machine?” Here’s my short and gruelling answer: Yes and No.

In certain ways and when you are in the right setting it is possible to beat the machine. But in larger and more important ways 토토사이트, slot machines can’t be beat.

A lot of this is dependent on the meaning you assign to”beat. “beat.” It is possible to beat a machine on the short-term. For instance, if I win a jackpot of $50 with just $5 spent for the slot, then I’ve legitimately beaten the crap out of the slot.

But, it’s impossible to beat a machine because you’re gambling with an possibility of making money. There’s no strategy, strategy technology, superstition, or technique which will allow you to constantly beat a slot machine and earn cash.

This article will discuss in the most detail possible the various definitions and meanings of phrase “beating the slot machine.” I’ll go over the various ways that you might be able to beat the slot machines and explain the reasons behind why slots are ultimately invincible.

Being able to beat the Slot Machine in the Short Long

If your idea of beating a machine is to make more money out of it than what you have put in, you’re more likely to be able to beat slot machines in the very short term.

Imagine that you’re wagering $3 per spin on the machine that has a progressive jackpot and hoping to win an $1 million jackpot. In the course of one hour, you’ll be risking as high as $1500 dependent on the speed and the skill.

When you think about the odds of winning a progressive jackpot somewhere around 50 million times one, it’s not a good idea to risk $1,500 an hour to pursue it. Let’s say you win 500 spins during the course of one hour of gaming which is only one hour of the eleven consecutive years of draws you’ll need to be able to claim the progressive jackpot.

(By this point you’ll need to put $504 million of bets during this time period So you’d better begin saving today.)

However the player who is lucky enough to win the progressive top prize with just a single $3 draw has technically defeated the machine to a pulp. It would give an investment return of 333,000x as well as one of the most lucky events that has ever occurred. It’s possible but unlikely.

You can adjust those amounts back to gain an accurate idea of how you can beat a machine in the short run.

Let’s say you come across an online penny slot machine you like for 1 cent per turn. The maximum prize for the game is 10,000 credits, or $100, at a penny per credit. If you could win that jackpot before your 100th spin, then you’d have technically beaten the machine.

The key to win at a slot the short-term is to simply stop playing. In our example of a penny slot winning the $100 jackpot after 20 spins is that you’d earn a net income of $80. If you used the remaining $80 in 80 spins, you’d completely eliminated your quick-term profit.

The aim of a slot machine and the aim of every casino employee within it is to ensure that bettors are not playing beyond their winning limit, should they ever get to it.

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