Alcohol has been present in the society of men for a long time. It was used generally for celebration and religious ceremonies in prehistoric time. Way back the time of Greek philosophers, giving up alcohol was not widely thought of ขายเหล้าออนไลน์.The Greeks had a philosophy of drinking, eating and being merry. They believed that the fulfillment of one’s life is to enjoy the physical world and its pleasure. This was later contradicted by other Greek philosophers but the habit of drinking alcohol in excess was fixed in their social activities and giving up on the bottle was a challenge for the philosophers and that society entirely.6 Beer brands in India that have the highest alcohol content | The Times of  India

In today’s society, alcohol abuse is alive and kicking. In Greek times, the people found reasons to celebrate every night to make an excuse for drinking. Nowadays, celebrations are not needed. Most people who are addicted to alcohol drink it at anytime at all. For alcoholics of the present society, giving up alcohol is the hardest thing to do as their system is already dependent on alcohol.

There are a lot of effects brought about by alcohol. It does not only affect the alcoholic but also the people around them. Being an alcoholic can cause violence and turmoil. Alcohol impairs judgment and motor skills and that can lead to relationship problems and neglect of responsibilities. Alcohol also tends to make a person emotional and violent; that is why alcoholics often lash out and be involved in public disturbances and domestic violence, theft, destruction of public property and sometimes even death and murder.Most alcoholics’ claim that they do not need help giving up alcohol; most are in denial that they are dependent on alcohol. That is why most alcoholics end up alone; because they tend to disgrace, neglect and hurt the people around them.

There are many ways to help those who want to stop. There is rehab, support groups, therapy, and video diaries. A person submitting himself to rehab will undergo intense supervision and shall develop self discipline to control alcoholic tendencies. Support groups are a group of people who share the same problem and help one another to quit alcohol. Therapy however, requires the presence of a psychologist or a psychiatrist to help the patient in giving up alcohol.

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