The company we work for is JPA M&E Consultants, a Building Services Engineering Consultancy Practice that is based in the United Kingdom. Our highly skilled team of Building Services Engineers started this practice in order to offer our customers the best service. We collaborate in close collaboration working with M&E Contractors and Developers to offer a comprehensive package to the project. Our service is beneficial both to M&E Contractors and Clients alike We are self-managed, responsive and committed to our MEP Consulting work.

Building Services Engineering Consultancy Services

The engineering department for building services within JPA M&E Consultants is represented by skilled, technically certified engineers. We are able to assist at any time during the construction contract and we will provide you with free guidance on the design of building services. Beginning with Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services up to Commissioning Management and Handover, the JPA team will be available to every stage.

Our JPA MEP Consultancy team comprises of a range of professional certified Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, BIM Coordinators, and Energy Consultants. Our team has been working in a team for many years visit here, and we provide our clients with quicker turnaround times and precise design services. We go above for our customers to ensure they are satisfied with our work and our work as Building Services Engineers.

If you’re in search of an all-inclusive design and build service for MEP, please make contact. We are able to provide this service and ensure that your MEP project is developed and put in place in a time-efficient way. Our team will also devote time Value Engineering your projects, offering you cost-effective design options. We have a track record of saving clients money by making efficient choices and value-oriented MEP design choices. The design of manufacturing off-site is something we consider for every project, no matter if it’s commissioned or not. This design method shows its effectiveness in bigger, more repetitive projects like Student Accommodations and Hotels. Small, routine decisions in these areas can result in savings of hundreds of thousands.

Our MEP Consultant team manages their own work, as well as the project. You no longer have to inquire about drawings packages and then be disappointed at client meetings. We can manage ourselves in meetings while as if we were sitting at the table in a commercial manner, and we can deliver on time and in a professional manner.

With a range of templates to choose from as a result of our 40 years of experience in building the Building Services Engineering industry, we’re able that we can complete projects quickly and accurately. timeframe than the majority of.

Energy and Sustainability Consultancy

In-house, we have a variety of Low Carbon Design Consultants, Environmental Advisors, Energy Efficiency Consultants. All engineers are professional and accredited in their field and focus on offering low carbon solutions, savings in energy consumption and cost on every project. We review every project internally from the beginning and throughout the design phase to ensure that the highest cost-effective solution can be realized.

We’ve worked in a range of industries, offering energy consulting services to a variety of blue-chip clients as well as MEP contractors. We are not only experienced in this field and are committed to our jobs. We’ll offer a variety of exercises and feedback so that your possibilities are obvious.

In numerous cases, we’ve reduced our clients’ expenses by thousands each year in operating expenses, by making simple design decisions in the beginning.

We utilize IESVE to perform our DESM Simulations and Energy Models. The software lets us unlock a myriad of possibilities and examine the model with precision, with precise input of usage profiles to get exact results.

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