Search engine optimization is a time-consuming process but the rewards are huge. That is why so many website and business owners want to optimize their websites to get high rankings in major search engines.

Some of them outsource their search engine optimization process to optimization companies so as to save their time and effort, whereas there are people who want to optimize their websites on their own.

So let us discuss what necessary steps that you need to perform if you intend to do optimization by yourself:

DIY SEO Step #1: Rename your pages. You need to change the naming conventions of your pages so as to make it search engine friendly. Instead of using “searchengineoptimization.html”, use “search-engine-optimization.html” for better indexing.

DIY SEO Step #2: Change the Title Tags. This stirling engine generator is the one of the most important step in a search engine optimization process. You absolutely need to include your most important keywords in your Title Tag if you want your website to rank well. You can place different set of keywords in Title Tags of different pages in order to optimize more keywords. Place the most important keyword at the front of the tag and do not repeat the same keyword in one Title Tag.

DIY SEO Step #3: Change the Meta Tags and Descriptions. Include keywords that you wish to optimize in these 2 places. A good keyword-rich description can attract searchers to click and go to your website.

DIY SEO Step #4: Build keyword-rich content. Rewrite your content to include all the necessary keywords that you wish to optimize. Do not use black-hat SEO techniques like blending keywords with the background to avoid being blacklisted by search engines.

DIY SEO Step #5: Build back links. This is the most time-consuming but crucial step. Get more back links by writing and submitting articles to directories, establish one-way links, reciprocal links, and 3 ways-links.

DIY search engine optimization is comparing time against money. If you are proficient enough on optimization, you will be able to get your website to rank well on search engines within a few months. But again, are you willing to spend the time to do the technical work? Or do you think by outsourcing your optimization process is a better way to save your time? Your choice.

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