We have been hearing about security and the need to get security for our life and properties. There are several methods of assuring security to our home and properties. We have selected Patrol services as a better method for offering security. There are various versions of such patrol services and each has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Drive through security patrols is always preferred to an armed security guard. There are several reasons that will substantiate the use of drive through security patrols. This type of security service operates in a vehicle. Instead of staying at a stationary point and offering security, they are mobile in their vehicle.

This will reduce the expense of using an armed security guard at onsite. The time spend on individual property will be less with such security services private bodyguard in London. In case of an unarmed security guard also, he will have to spend more time on the property that will take more money as well.

The business properties and other commercial buildings can be given better security through this method. Those private properties that are not opened to the public can be assured security in this manner. The people in charge of this will take care of all the entrances to a particular property and will ensure that everything is safe. In case they come to know that something is not in order, they will immediately inform police or the concerned authority in charge of the property.

But they are not expertise in catching criminals. These types of security services are highly visible. Hence criminals will notice them easily. So the service will be incapable of sneaking up and finding out the criminal. There will be high-powered spotlights on the patrol vehicle.

A random check for commercial properties will not be possible in the case of a patrol service in vehicle. This is because they will be in charge of other commercial properties as well and will be dividing their time accordingly. Hence they won’t be able to perform security services randomly without prior decision.

Any service working as contract security will be having well written orders on how to work. These are instructions on how they have to patrol a place and report to the authorities. This report will be usually detailed and will include all the expectations of the person in charge of the property. When the person in charge of the property changes, he will have different instructions. So to avoid confusion between the security services and the property manager, a written instruction will surely help with.

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