The winter season is beautiful filled with snow and ice. In addition to the beauty, dry air and wind can damage our skin. Make sure you protect the skin during winter by following some natural skin care tips.

The most moisturized skin may be prone to dryness during the winter months. We think that if we put on layers of clothing to keep the wind from our skin the skin, it will automatically be kept safe. This isn’t the reality. If we don’t moisturize our skin during winter it can become dry, itchy, and red.

1. Drink plenty of water. Our bodies are 90 % water. Our organs are well-hydrated. The largest organ in the human body is our skin. Drinking water helps keep our skin hydrated from within. If we sweat, it’s vital that we replenish the water that we lose via our pores.

2. Apply moisturizer at night. Even if we apply creams or lotions throughout the day, we may not remember to apply them at the night. We put on a layer of clothing to keep warm, but it’s not enough. The activities we engage in throughout the NAD + Resveratrol Face Cream  day deplete the skin’s moisture and not moisturizing your skin at the night can further deplete your skin. Apply an oily lotion prior to bed. To prevent your feet from becoming damaged and dry, rub your feet using a natural salve or balm, and then cover them with socks.

3. Use sunscreen. Many people don’t think of the winter sun to be very hot however, whenever when the sun is shining, it’s emitting radiation. The harmful radiation from the sun could dry out our skin and harming its surface as well as more deeply. A lot of natural skincare products contain zinc , which is an element that functions as an organic sunscreen.

4. Make use of a humidifier. The air in winter can be extremely dry. Even inside the home it can be very hot and have an effect of drying the skin and nasal passages. To add a bit of humidity to your air,, invest in humidifiers. There are two kinds that are cool and warm. Cool mist humidifiers add humidity to the air, however it lowers the temperature by a couple of degrees to provide the comfort of.

5. Cleanse your skin. This can be done with skin creams with microbeads, a sugar scrub, or using a loofah sponge. By gently circling the body the exfoliant eliminates dead skin cells from our bodies. A regular scrub helps the healthy cells of your skin to take in the moisturizers more effectively and the skin will maintain the proper level of moisture.

6. Cooler showers feel good on tired muscles, but it can cause a lot of damage to our complexion. Use lukewarm water instead and shower less frequently to prevent your skin from drying out.

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