Stun Gun Devices


Stun guns are an increasingly popular self defense tool especially among women. Stun guns are not lethal like firearms and not lacerative like knives. These stun guns have the ability to put down an attacker with a simple push of a button. It is the voltage in stun guns that can put down an attacker.

What is a stun gun?

Traditionally, a stun gun is a  38 special ammo handheld device that has a trigger and two metal prongs at the end of the unit. One must make contact with the perpetrator by placing the two metal prongs of the stun gun anywhere on his body and pulling the trigger. The stun gun is operated by a power source provided usually by a 9 V battery.

How does a stun gun work?

An electric shock will be delivered to the attacker’s muscles thus causing severe muscular contractions that will produce lactic acid. Lactic acid is a byproduct produced by the muscles when a muscle is being overworked from the effects of the stun gun. Lactic acid will result when fatiguing a muscle that is exposed to repeated electric shock from a stun gun.

Furthermore, the electric shock from the stun gun will interrupt the attacker’s nervous system and minimize communication from the brain to the peripheral nerves. This interruption in “nerve flow” as well as the electrifying effects of the stun gun will temporarily incapacitate a potential attacker who is out to get you.

What are other types of stun guns?

There is a law enforcement edition of a stun gun called the Taser. Most popular among law enforcement personnel is the M-18 Taser stun gun. A Taser stun gun contains two metal darts that are connected to fine, threadlike wiring. Once a Taser stun gun is fired upon a perpetrator, the two darts stick to the person’s body. The handheld unit of the Taser stun gun contains the trigger that, once pulled, will send an electric shock through the wiring, through the darts, and into the person. The ultimate result will be that the perpetrator will fall to the ground in agonizing pain.

This particular stun gun is very effective in short range (up to 15 feet) confrontations without the user having to come into physical contact with the perpetrator.

Stun batons are another kind of stun gun device. Stun batons are a


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