Many years ago, a lot of people already rely on massage therapy to relieve themselves from pain. They were not actually wrong with what they thought 출장안마 about massage because it is really a healing art that has proven itself for so many generations. Even today, in a very modern and advanced world, many people still rely on it to get rid of stress, neck pain, tension and back pain. But there are some things that were changed or perhaps improved when it comes to massage therapy. Unlike before, there are about 80 different techniques that you can choose from when you want to get a massage. Swedish, shiatsu and deep tissue massage are just some of the most popular techniques at present. And of course, it is not only provided by a massage therapist like what it used to be. Aside from the traditional way, you can now get a chair massage. In a massage parlor or a spa, you will definitely notice that aside from therapists, there are some massage equipment that can be found on the area.

There are lot of differences between a chair massage and a regular massage performed by a therapist. The way it is being performed is perhaps one of the most evident differences between them. When you are going to get a regular massage, it would be done using the hands of the therapists. The therapist will apply different strokes and pressure to the different parts of your body to make you feel relaxed and relieved. On the other hand, if you are going to opt for a chair massage, you will be the only one around and your massage chair. Of course human touch will not be involved because the equipment will be the one to do the massage job. You just need to select your desired massage technique and adjust the setting appropriately. After this, you can simply sit or lie down on the equipment and that’s it.

When you are getting a massage from a therapist, you will be able to talk to him/her about what he/she is doing. You can ask for some suggestions on what technique will best work for you and the things that you should do before or after getting the massage. All these information would be really helpful to avoid any possible problems. But when you are going to get a chair massage, you won’t be able to start a conversation unless the chair is designed o be really interactive. There won’t be a lot of information that you get from the equipment but you can use it in the comfort of your own home. You do not need to set up an appointment ahead of time or drop by a spa. You can get a massage during your most convenient time at home.

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