All over the world, many people indulge in the habit of smoking for many reasons. There are many factors why people start to smoke but cigarettes can lead to hard drugs such as cannabis. The ages of smokers also range from young and barely legal ages to the old and elderly class. Some communities embrace this habit while others denounce it. This brings into the picture the need to focus on some of the reason that make people smoke. Here is a look at some of these reasons.Effects of Smoking: What Are the Main Consequences of Smoking?

Though it may sound outrageous, many of the billions of smokers in the world do it purely for fun. Some started smoking as early as during their days in high school and for the reason that they thought it is a cool habit to take. Most of the addicted smokers were lured into the practice by their peers who had greater influences on their decisions Buy TKO Carts Online. It is still the main reason that teenagers start smoking. In search of fun, people all over the world indulge in funny habits and some become part of their lives for ever. Smoking is one of them. Some people smoke when they are drunk. They say that beer goes down well with a little smoke. Some smoke after meals. However, if you do any of this, you should be worried as this is a sure road to smoke addiction. You would not want to become a slave of smoke when the addiction phase comes knocking.

The other reason why people smoke is that they have to do it because of their culture. There are some believes and religions in several parts of the world that encourage heir follower to indulge in smoking certain types of herb. These people may not necessarily smoke cigars but it is still smoking and it has the same effects on their health and way of life as smoking if not worse. In such environments, you are likely to com across many cases of underage smoking and overindulgence in these habits. There a widespread side effects of the practice even though the communities choose not to look at it. A walk around several home and you will come across extreme cases of cancer, mental problems, disability and other unfortunate cases all as a result of too much smoke.

Medicine is the other reason why people smoke. For instance, in ancient China, there were some medicines that had to be smoke. These medicines are till available and many people still smoke them. There may b side effects of these smoked medicines but what has been known all along is that thy cured the illnesses that prompted their intake and this is what makes them dear to the users

Second-hand smoking is an extremely fatal risk in the family. Many smokers have considered quitting because of the fact that not only their health is at risk, but that of their families, as well. The link between passive/secondhand smoke, or currently called cardiovascular-related disability and death has been established worldwide. In the United States alone, about 37,000 to 40,000 people die each year from cardiovascular and blood vessel disease caused by the smoker’s smoke. From this above figure, around 35,000 non-smokers, die from coronary heart disease, which includes heart attack. Passive smoke or second-hand smoking increases the death rate amongst non-smokers to 70 percent.

In third-world countries where regulations on smoking are lenient, it is estimated that almost a third of the adult population are smokers. This automatically translates to an equally large part of that population suffering from passive smoke exposure at home, in the office, while commuting and in public areas. The World Health Organization (WHO) even estimates that a large number of children’s population is passive smokers. It is extremely timely that this should be the main reason why smokers should decide to quit smoking, and if this fails, try smoking interventions.

In light of this, passive smoke is clearly a serious health problem, and actions are necessary to avoid the subsequent heart risks involved. The number of smokers continues to grow, despite the numerous warnings aired by the health experts on the dangers of smoking

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